• What is PiczCrazy?
    PiczCrazy is an image hosting service. It is designed for you to share digital pictures with friends, post images on message and bulletin boards and blogs. You can also hot link images from your personal website.

  • What image types are supported?
    Images files only: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG.

  • What is the maximum file size?
    With Premium account you can upload images up to 10MB each.

  • What content is not allowed?
    Child porn, zoophilia, necrophilia, terrorism materials are strictly prohibited!

  • How long are images stored?
    We keep them till the service goes down completely, this means forever.

  • Can I view other user's images (or) is there a database of public images?
    Yes, you can view images, if you are a registered user.

  • Should I keep a backup of my images on my local machine?
    Yes, you should always backup your files.

  • I registered for a free account. How many images can I store?
    There are no limits (fair use).

  • The services provided are free. Does this mean they are of low quality?
    We are the best service possible. We use high quality hardware on a high quality network.

  • I uploaded anonymously, how to delete?
    Please send the deletion request, along with the link & the upload IP address, to dmca@piczcrazy.com, if you do not have the upload IP address recorded, you will need to submit a proper takedown notice - https://piczcrazy.com/page/dmca.

  • Can I inline link (hotlink) the original images I uploaded?
    Yes, but please use the provided "full size" share codes only. Other URLs may change in the future.

  • Are there bandwidth limitations for inline linking (hotlinking)?
    There is no hard limit. Abusive referrers will be blocked.

    If you still have questions don't hesitate to Contact Us
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